The Beautiful Visage Of The Piasabird

The Piasa Bird (pronounced Pie-a-saw), is a local legend in the Alton area. Its foundings go back to 1673 when Father Jacques Marquette, in recording his famous journey down the Mississippi River with Louis Joliet, described the “Piasa” as a birdlike monster painted high on the bluffs along the Mississippi River, where the city of Alton, Illinois now stands.

According to the diary, the Piasa “was as large as a calf with horns like a deer, red eyes, a beard like a tiger’s, a face like a man, the body covered with green, red and black scales and a tail so long it passed around the body, over the head and between the legs.”

The creature was given its name by the Illini Indians, “The Piasa”, meaning a bird that devours men.

There are many legends regarding its origin. One of the more popular accounts can be found by clicking on the Piasa’s pretty face…. Oh, I forgot to mention that I have one brother. He’s younger so, I guess I should call him my “kid” brother although he’s in his mid-sixties. My brother Bill is on the left side of your screen here. After a career in the U.S. Air Force he retired as a Major and, after a period of work in Washington, D.C., he and his family moved to Las Vegas, Nevada. Now, in Las Vegas, Bill is a realtor and is busily engaged in real estate sales there.

The following is a note received from Bill. It will give you an understanding of him and his wife.

Eunice and I had a great time last evening at the Suncoast Hotel Casino. I had called in to the KNUU radio station with a correct answer and received two tickets to see “The Lettermen” at the Suncoast. It was a great show that brought back many memories.

During the show the only remaining member of the original Lettermen came down into the audience to pick out a man to sing a love song. For some reason I got the “tap on the shoulder.” As he whispered the words in my ear I sang to Eunice “I Left My Heart in San Francisco.” [Click Here To Hear My Jukebox Version] Near the end of the song I was directed on stage for a grand finish. I felt much more comfortable than I would have thought, and was surprised when the Lettermen kept saying “Bill is not a ringer.”

I’ve sent email to our church choir director, indicating that since I’ll be coming “direct from a performance at the Sun Coast with The Lettermen”, I’ll expect an increase in pay.

Just last December Bill and Eunice (Mrs. William W. Clarke) attended a Christmas Party among the other real estate people there. Bill and Eunice have been married now these past 46 some years. Eunice is busily in engaged in selling her book. She has written a four hundred page tome on the caring of those with Alzheimer’s. Sadly, her mother suffered this illness. Eunice has written on caring for her mother until she died.

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