Welcome To Old Kunnel’s Buffalo Carpet Cleaners

I was happily employed by the Marine Corps at HQS, USMC, in Washington, DC, when I received a commission from the Kentucky Governor as a Kentucky Colonel. This occurred in October 1985. My Marine buddies immediately tagged me, the ol’ Kunnel. This honorary colonelcy was the result of my work with the Corps and the WorldWide Military Command and Control Systems. Needless to say, that work was unique and its reward was the same.

You can see more about my appreciation of all the military services by looking in on my The Military Services page.

In deference to my work with the Marines, I established a Bulletin Board System (BBS) to help them learn computer network conferencing in my off-time. The Colonel’s BBS ran from mid 1986 until December, 1996. It originally ran on the GT Power Network but, the advent of InterNet and the World Wide Web soon showed me that the day of the hobby networks is at an end. So, here we are endeavoring to provide you the same service on the Web. 8-]

You may wish to visit a few of the web sites established by GT Power Network Systems Operators (SysOps) and other Web Authors. You are advised to just turn to GT Power SysOps. From there you will find links to Other Favorite Links and to my religious friends’ websites.

Real name: Robert Eugene Clarke
My friends call me “Bob” and/or “Old Kunnel.”
Born: December 17, 1931 in Wood River Township (Alton), Illinois.

Back in the day I was in the business of carpet cleaning | Extreme Carpet & Tile and really enjoyed all that work. A lot of hands on work is soothing and calms my soul. In the marines we learned the basics and so I decided to start a business.